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[texts]The Transactor Disk Labels
Scans of the cover disks of Transactor Magazine.
Keywords: prg; seq; pal; transactor; copyright; stp; supermon; idr; addr; disk; unit addr; idr prg; prg prg; tiny aid; transactor publishing; change unit; addr prg; prg supermon; pal prg; aid idr
Downloads: 207
[texts]The Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology

Keywords: control; proc; erm; cubic; commodore; bbs; data; users; screen; basic; work area; cubic feet; users group; memory map; cubic inches; address bus; cubic feel; bus bit; bbs ibm; hex dec
Downloads: 4,848
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 9 Issue 06
Transactor, Volume 9, Issue 6. The ML Column - two kinds of numbers [prime detection] (Todd Heimarck) // The Edge Connection - Societies, Shows and disk drive voodoo (Joel Rubin) // The One Megabyte C64 [internal expansion of C64 to 512KB) (Paul Bosacki) // RAMfinder - identify, stash & fetch [REU detection routines] (Ian Adam) // Encryptor - password protection for the C64 (Jim Frost) // Pop-ASCII for the Commodore 64 - a handy pop-up utility (Peter M.L...
Keywords: ida; sta; jsr; data; byte; bne; ldx; rts; program; beq; byte byte; ida sta; serial bus; data data; sta ida; machine language; txa bne; text string; clc adc; word byte
Downloads: 983
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 9 Issue 05
Transactor, Volume 9, Issue 5. The ML Column - big numbers (Todd Heimarck) // The Edge Connection - GEOS 128.0, ZOOM, Macros, radio (Joel Rubin) // Inner GEOS - a look at how GEOS operates (William Coleman) // 1541/1571 DOS M-R Command Error - a caveat for multiple byte reads (Anton Treuenfels) // C128 Simple Disk Monitor - extending the built in monitor (Anton Treuenfels) // HCD65 Assembler Macros - making use of assembler pseudo-ops (Robert Rockefeller) // Implementing a RAM disk - for Abacus ...
Keywords: data; ida; sta; jsr; program; geos; disk; file; routine; byte; main loop; sta aol; sta aoh; aol ida; machine language; aoh jmp; video byte; play ida; pha ida; file names
Downloads: 582
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 9 Issue 04
Transactor, Volume 9, Issue 4. The ML Column - crunching using Huffman encoding (Todd Heimarck) // The Edge Connection - Experiences with a RAM expansion unit (Joel M. Rubin) // The C64 Power C Shell - with notes on modifying the shell for REU users (Adrian Pepper) // Inside GEOS 128 - using 80 column mode (William Coleman) // Loadermaker - easy GEOS info sectors (Nicholas J. Vrtis) // An introduction to GEOS files - using the high level disk routines (Francis G...
Keywords: ihc; ihe; disk; program; bfu; ram; arc; thai; lor; disk drive; idi; random number; ram expansion; machine language; macro set; logical colour; computer interface; free spirit; source code; sfx sound
Downloads: 881
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 9 Issue 03
Transactor, Volume 9, Issue 3. The ML Column - Voting simulation (Todd Heimarck) // Keep-80 - non destructive windowing on the C128 (Richard Curcio) // Kernal++ - add a dos wedge to C64 Kernal (William Coleman) // Far-SYS for the C64 [calling M/L programs in 'hidden' RAM from BASIC] (Richard Curcio) // C128 Parallel printer interface - emulating a parallel interface via the user port (Bill Brier) // GEOS label names - cross reference (Francis G...
Keywords: data; ida; sta; jsr; program; file; byte; disk; jmp; transactor; user port; machine language; bank command; disk drive; device number; vlir chain; directory entry; high byte; low byte; logic point
Downloads: 768
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 9 Issue 02
Transactor, Volume 9, Issue 2. The ML Column - division algorithms compared ( Todd Heimarck ) // Fast Graphics Primitives (Robert Huehn) // Cycle Counting explained, with a program that does it for you (David Sanner) // I Do Windows (on the C128) - a program for paneles print positiong (Jim Butterfield) // RS-232 Hardcopy - talking to serial printers (Joseph Buckley) // Star Cart - computing the relative position of stars (Steven Shervais) // Disabling "i0" on the 1581 (M.Garamszeghy) // C-128 C...
Keywords: program; ida; data; sta; byte; disk; code; drive; transactor; screen; machine language; drive code; byte byte; operating system; drive search; return code; source code; slf slf; default drive; user number
Downloads: 921
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 9 Issue 01
Transactor, Volume 9, Issue 1. ScrollDir - scrolling disk directory program for the C128 (Miklos Garamszeghy) // Multitasking on the C128 (Mike Mohilo) // Exploring SUBMIT - notes from the CP/M Plus workbench (Adam Herst) // A Machine Language Input Routine (Garry Kiziak) // Sprite Rotation - a new twist [arbitrary rotation of C64 sprites] (Jim Frost) // Structured DATA and seeding RND (Audrys Vilkas) // C64 Hex File Editor (Bob Kodadeck) // On the C Side.....
Keywords: data; ida; jsr; program; file; byte; sta; transactor; disk; idy; machine language; submit file; warp speed; issue issue; temporary file; high byte; submit files; low byte; load address; kemal dos
Downloads: 639
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 8 Issue 06
Transactor, Volume 8, Issue 6. Cellular Automata - mathematical artforms for the C64 (Ian Adam) // CP/M Plus + CoNIX = CP/M Plus+ - a CP/M enhancement with a UNIX flavour (Adam Herst) // Great Assignment! - easy in-program expression evaluation for the C64 & C128 (Paul Durrant) // Give me a BRK! - invisible subroutines on the C64 & C128 (Tom Hughes) // Micro-Lisp version 2.5 [review] (Nicholas Vrtis) // An algorithm for 6510 mnemonics - the challenge: to find the ideal mnemonic to op-code algori...
Keywords: data; program; transactor; ida; command; code; conix; disk; brk; machine language; operating system; conix command; command language; random seed; source code; program counter; cellular automata; returns nil; news brk
Downloads: 647
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 8 Issue 05
Transactor, Volume 8, Issue 5. Fast String Search with Binary Trees (Herb Rose) // Computers & Copyrights (Tony Romer) // Matrix Mathematics for the C64 (Don Currie) // Read Infocom - decoding Zork vocabulary (Thomas W. Gurley) // Interfacing two Commodore 64s [null modem] (Jack Bedard) // The link between C and Assembly (David Godshall) // Maintaining the POWER C library (Eric Giguere) // A better syntax for Kernal Device I/O (Keath Milligan) // A RAM expansion module bug on the C128 (D.J...
Keywords: data; program; transactor; ida; disk; sta; ram; amiga; jsr; machine language; public domain; ram expansion; binary tree; source code; configuration register; binary trees; object files; jump table; mmu configuration
Downloads: 711
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 8 Issue 04
Transactor, Volume 8, Issue 4. The Projector Part II - [Hidden Lines & C128 port] (Ian Adam) // Computer Generated Holography on a C64 (Patrick Hawley) // CIRCLES for the C64 (Anthony Bryant) // Inside C128 CP/M : Supporting more foreign disk formats (Mike Garamszeghy) // CP/M 3.0: Plus redirection and batch processing (Adam Herst) // Square Roots in Machine Language (Jim Butterfield) // PLACEHOLDER for the C64 (Paul Blair) // Review: Turbo Processor for the C64 - 65C816 with 64K battery backed ...
Keywords: data; disk; program; transactor; amiga; file; commodore; ihe; programs; tiny window; data file; machine language; source code; assembly language; disk drive; operating system; turbo processor; register struct; allocation unit
Downloads: 1,457
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 8 Issue 03
Transactor, Volume 8, Issue 3. A switchable RS-232 interface // Bullet Proof Computers [metal oxide varistor & heat sink mods] (Evan Williams) // The 1581 Disk Drive - a technical evaluation (M. Garamszeghy) //CP/M and the 1581 disk drive (M. Garamszeghy) // Programming the 1541 (Frank DiGioia) // Auto Transmission for the C64 - remove Auto RUN from BASIC programs (Doug Resenbeck) // Common Code [check machine language programs for duplication] (Jack R...
Keywords: data; program; disk; ida; jsr; transactor; byte; code; sta; machine language; disk drive; user port; source code; job queue; jsr chrout; jsr writer; burst mode; logical sector; basic program
Downloads: 283
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 8 Issue 02
Transactor, Volume 8, Issue 2. OPERATING SYSTEMS // Mouse Driven Menus for C64 and 1350 mouse (Anthony Brant) // Garbage Collector Revealed (Michael T. Graham) // SYS 65478: taking a new look at an old dog [KERNAL CHKIN] (Miklos Garamszeghy) // Kernal LISTEN and it's relatives (Eric Germain) // Commodore external RAM expansion cartridges (Dale A. Castello) // In the CP/M mode (Clifton Karnes) // Using CP/M plus user areas (Adam Herst) // Assembly Language Disk Error Recovery (Robert V...
Keywords: data; program; disk; menu; user; message; transactor; ida; jsr; user area; user areas; disk drive; talking tasks; menu bar; source code; public domain; current user; menu system; machine language
Downloads: 791
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 8 Issue 01
Transactor, Volume 8, Issue 1. MATH // A real shuffle routine (Thomas W. Gurley) // Function Manipulation: Roots & Integrals (Eric Giguere) // Full Array Math Operations on the 64 (Richard Richmond) // Faster Square Root for the C64 (E.J. Schmahl) // Complex Number Arithmetic for the Commodore 64 (Thomas Henry) // FAC1 Facts [using BASIC floating point routines from machine language] (John Houghton) // High-speed integer multiply and divides (Donald A...
Keywords: data; program; jsr; ida; disk; transactor; idy; commodore; amiga; floating point; machine language; syssa syssa; complex number; secondary address; source code; idy sba; transactor disk; square root; jsr modi
Downloads: 521
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 7 Issue 06
Transactor, Volume 7, Issue 6. SIMULATIONS AND MODELLING // Smile! You're on RLE! (Christopher Dunn) // Beyond Bulletin Board Systems (Ranjan Bose) // Commodore in Europe: An international comparison of price and availability (Miklos Garamszeghy) // Provoking Thought (Chris Miller) // Random Number Generation in Machine Language (Gregory D. Knox) // N-Body Simulator for the C64 (Richard Lucas) // A Two-Button Mouse (Anthony Bryant) // Universal EPROM programmer update (Tim Bolbach) // Help! Help...
Keywords: data; program; ihe; commodore; lor; disk; ram; print; rle; shift register; random numbers; machine language; ram disk; help utility; eprom programmer; data loader; workbench screen; time step; structure browser
Downloads: 903
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 7 Issue 05
Transactor, Volume 7, Issue 5. MORE LANGUAGES // Telecolumn #2 // An Introduction to Machine Language Programming on the Amiga (Rick Morris) // Amiga Programming Concepts (Chris Zamara & Nick Sullivan) // A tale of two C's: review of Super C and Power C (Adam Herst) // A Comparison of Language Speeds on C64 (Anton Treuenfels,Donald Piven, Brian Junker) // CP/M Block Allocation Calculator (Miklos Garamszeghy) // Compatability and Operability of the C128 CP/M+ operating system (Ralph A...
Keywords: program; disk; data; struct; ida; amiga; file; software; commodore; programs; execution address; amiga software; distributable amiga; machine language; freely distributable; public domain; ram disk; rob peck; source code; super kit
Downloads: 542
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 7 Issue 04
Transactor, Volume 7, Issue 4. GIZMOS AND GADGETS // TransBASIC installment 12 - STRING$, UNEW, FREE, FACT, FAST, SLOW, DATAFY, (Nick Sullivan) // Telecolumn - First Transactor Online Conference // Build a modem emulator (Bob Jonkman) // Universal RS-232 cable (Martin Goebel) // A $2.00 Printer Interface Reset Switch (Miklos Garamszeghy) // The Commodore 64 Capacitance Meter (Jim Barbarello) // Commodore 64 Frequency Counter (Lorne Klassen) // An inexpensive teaching robot for an inexpensive mic...
Keywords: data; program; disk; commodore; compuserve; ida; ram; tpug; transactor; blocks free; order disk; machine language; basic program; ram cartridge; terminal program; printer set; alters printer; user port; pocket writer
Downloads: 600
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 7 Issue 03
Transactor, Volume 7, Issue 3. PROGRAMMING THE CHIPS // TransBASIC installment 11 - PLOT, GCLR, GCOL, UPPER, LOWER, DEFAULT, LINE, SLINE, DLINE, NLINE, QLINE, CHAR, SCHAR, BAR, SBAR, DBAR, NBAER, GSAVE, GLOAD, SIZE, LMAR, GPRINT, ERASE, PATTERN (Nick Sullivan) // EXPO 86 - Vancouver, BC. Commodore and IBM head-to-head // The Comspec AX2000: 2MB Expansion RAM for the Amiga (Chris Zamara) // A Peek at Amiga Disk Structure (Betty Clay) // Disk Copier Comparison - Diskmaker v3.3, Keymaster, Copy II ...
Keywords: data; ida; program; jsr; disk; sta; byte; commodore; bne; machine language; jsr write; keyboard expander; super dos; basic program; start address; pocket writer; statement cat; amiga studio; poke poke
Downloads: 745
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 7 Issue 02
Transactor, Volume 7, Issue 2. GAMES FROM THE INSIDE OUT // TransBASIC installment 10 LDVN, LSEC, LWRITE, LLIST, RESTORE, CLRA, CGOTO, CGOSUB, CRUN, CRESTORE, SPEED, TRAP, ERROR, ERRLIN (Nick Sullivan) // The ATARI ST notebook (Jack Cole) // Commodore 128 Disk Boot Basics (Jim Butterfield) // New Loops: the c128 BASIC stack (Jim Butterfield) // Eliminating SAVE@ and other 1541 bugs (Phillip A. Slaymaker) // Format Track 36 (David A...
Keywords: data; program; ida; disk; sprite; sta; jsr; screen; sys; machine language; break key; sprite number; relative file; source code; rem keyword; operating system; basic loader; rem set; pocket writer
Downloads: 382
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 7 Issue 01
Transactor, Volume 7, Issue 1. REAL LIFE ROM / KERNAL ROUTINES // TransBASIC installment 9 DELAY, SLIDE, MAKE, CENTRE,FILE, INITFP, FPLOC, SCAN, ALPH$, UCALPH$, NUM$, RVS$, BUILD$ (Nick Sullivan) // Longer life for your 64 and 1541 (Robert V. Davis) // Matrix Manipulator (Richard Richmond) // Jim Butterfield's Complete C128 Memory Map // The C128 - you can bank on it [using c128 memory banks] (Jim Butterfield ) // Getting the C128's CP/M+ into gear (Clifton Karnes) // C128 RAM disk (Noel Nyman) ...
Keywords: data; ida; program; jsr; disk; basic; routine; byte; ihe; machine language; floating point; real programmers; source code; basic program; ram disk; ramo ramo; disk drive; rom rom; jump table
Downloads: 509
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 6 Issue 06
Transactor, Volume 6, Issue 6. REAL LIFE APPLICATIONS // TransBASIC installment 8 INLINE, OLD, INPN, INPA, SELECT, WHEN, OTHERWISE, ENDSELECT, HCLR, MCON, HOFF, MSET, MTEXT, MCIRCLE, MDISC, MRECT, MBOX, MDRAW, MCOLOR, MCHK, (Nick Sullivan) // The Amiga: a user's perspective (Chris Zamara) // The Amiga: A programmer's perspective (Chris Zamara) // Amiga DOS & CLI commands (Roy Reddy) // Amiga Editor Commands (Roy Reddy) // EDIT: Amiga's line orientated editor (Roy Reddy) // Pick Areas and Pop Men...
Keywords: data; ida; program; sta; print; disk; commodore; amiga; screen; jsr; machine language; root directory; source code; remote display; operating system; crystal ball; character pointer; rem keyword; quick reference; format template
Downloads: 256
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 6 Issue 05
Transactor, Volume 6, Issue 5. HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE INTERFACING // TransBASIC installment 7 - AUTO, DEL, REN, RESTORE, GOSUB, GOTO, RANDOM, FIRST$, BF$ (Nick Sullivan) // The commodore 128: Impressions and Observations (John Holttum) // Machine Language - Maxims for the Commodore 128 (Jim Butterfield) // Commodore 128 Memory Map (Jim Butterfield) // MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface (Richard Evers) // Real World Interfacing with the REL64 cartridge (James E...
Keywords: ram; prg; ida; data; jsr; sta; commodore; program; bne; transactor; ram ram; prg prg; ram chara; ram kernl; kernl ram; kernl kernl; ram rom; offf ram; machine language; cpu vic
Downloads: 529
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 6 Issue 04
Transactor, Volume 6, Issue 4. IMPLEMENTING THE SCIENCES // TransBASIC installment 6 - USE, MOVE, FILL, CAT, DOS, DEV, DLOAD, DSAVE, DS$, DS, JUMP, CALL, LINE, BEEP (Nick Sullivan) // Sky Travel - a review (Richard Evers) // Accurate sum of squares (John Jay Hilfiger) // The Projector - as close to 3d as possible short of holographics (Ian Adam) // Microsecond Timer for the C64 (Zoltan Szepesi) // Projectile Motion (Karl J...
Keywords: data; program; jsr; ida; sta; disk; commodore; byte; bne; cutoff frequency; start address; machine language; machine code; basic program; sky travel; super sound; disk error; source code
Downloads: 335
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 6 Issue 02
Transactor, Volume 6, Issue 2. NETWORKING & COMMUNICATIONS // How to get the most out of CompuServe (Robert Adler) // TransBASIC installment 4 - STRIP$, CLEAN$, USCROL, DSCROL, LSCROL, RSCROL (Nick Sullivan) // Telecomputing: from concept to connect // An introduction to Modems (Jeff Goebel) // Using a modem and the "Punter BBS" (Geoffrey Walsh) // Data Communications (Robert W. Dray) // The Modem and RS-232C (Mario Marrello) // A Comedy of errors (David Sale) // World Connection - Telecompute w...
Keywords: program; data; disk; modem; commodore; computer; vector; sta; routine; disk drive; sta irqvec; electronic mail; machine language; device number; file number; lda irqvec; irq vector; basic program; amateur radio
Downloads: 438
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 6 Issue 01
Transactor, Volume 6, Issue 1. MORE PROGRAMMING AIDS & UTILITIES // The MANAGER column - transferring records from one disk to another (Don Bell) // TransBASIC installment 3: CURSOR, CLOC, COLSPR, SSPR, CSPR, XSPR, YSPR, XYSPR, WITHIN, XLOC, YLOC (Nick Sullivan) // SAVE with replace exposed (Charles W. Whittern) // Disk Tricks (Scott MacLean) // Diskbusters! - review of DI-SECTOR, Master Copy, Program Protection Manual for the C64, The Software Protection Handbook, SUPER CLONE aka THE CLONE MACH...
Keywords: program; data; ida; disk; sta; basic; commodore; byte; file; machine language; dos exec; language program; basic program; disk drive; zeropg zeropg; machine code; memory bit; exec file; sprite number
Downloads: 623
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 5 Issue 06
Transactor, Volume 5, Issue 6. PROGRAMMING AIDS AND UTILITIES // Introducing VERIFIZER // The MANAGER COLUMN - home budgeting (Don Bell) // TransBASIC installment 2: CURSOR, CLOC, DOKE, DEEK, SET, CLEAR, FLIP, CHECK, AWAIT, KEYWORDS // a new wedge for the Commodore 64 - adding commands by trapping syntax errors (Brian Munshaw) // The Commodore 64 Keyboard pt 2 : KEYWIZARD - an amazing keyboard driver (Aubrey Stanley) // Linked Lists pt 2 (K...
Keywords: data; program; disk; screen; print; basic; commodore; memory; character; key wizard; machine language; screen memory; main menu; disk drive; basic program; basic loader; vic chip; character set; character memory
Downloads: 584
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 5 Issue 05
Transactor, Volume 5, Issue 5. HARDWARE AND PERIPHERALS // The Commodore DOS : a review of two books - Anatomy of the 1541 disk drive & Inside Commodore DOS (David A. Hook) // Machine Language For the Commodore 64 and other Commodore Computers: a review (David A. Hook) // Commodore 16/plus-4 memory maps (Jim Butterfield) // The MANAGER Column (Don Bell) // Subroutine Eliminators (Jeff Goebel) //Introducing TransBASIC - extending C64 BASIC - IF/ELSE, EXIT, GROUND, FRAME, TEXT, CRAM, CLS, ADD // H...
Keywords: commodore; program; memory; keyboard; poke; disk; data; basic; perform; machine language; keyboard buffer; daisy wheel; row select; keyboard matrix; circuit board; work area; select pad; restore key; record book
Downloads: 1,087
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 5 Issue 04
Transactor, Volume 5, Issue 4. BUSINESS AND EDUCATION // The MANAGER Column (Richard Evers) // Subroutine Eliminators 64 (Jeff Goebel) // Office Automation for the nineties (Major B.L. Olmstead) // Dynamic Expression Evaluation in BASIC (Chris Zamara) // Compound Interest and you (Richard Evers) // GETSTRING for the 64 (Dave Gzik) // Sorting on the Commodore 64 and PET/CBM (Gary G. Kiziak) // Phile Master - simple filing system (Robert Drake) // Home Budget (Brian Dobbs) // Your BASIC monitor pt...
Keywords: program; data; commodore; print; ida; goto; routine; poke; sta; gosub; machine language; sort routine; operating system; local dealer; basic program; key pressed; jsr chrout; structured programming; phile master; multiprocess mode
Downloads: 477
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 5 Issue 03
Transactor, Volume 5, Issue 3. SOFTWARE PROTECTION AND PIRACY // Two Reviews: PAL64 and POWER 64 (Chris Zamara) // The MANAGER Column (Don Bell) // Hardware Corner - user port LED display controlled from BASIC (Domenic Defrancisco & Chris Zamara) // Quadra 64 - edit 4 programs on your 64 simultaneously (Daniel Bingamon) // Your BASIC monitor pt 2: The Disassembler (Bob Drake) // Picprint: a high-resolution screen dump utility (Chris Zamara) // Comparing Two BASIC programs (Jim Butterfield) // Un...
Keywords: program; data; commodore; disk; basic; file; transactor; software; programs; machine language; ida sta; jim butterfield; file type; basic program; bam block; sta ida; serial number; block count; watcom pascal
Downloads: 462
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 5 Issue 02
Transactor, Volume 5, Issue 2. THE TRANSITION TO MACHINE LANGUAGE // The MANAGER Column (Don Bell) // MAILPRO 64 - a review (Chris Zamara) //PERSPECTIVE : to GET or not to GET?... a useful trick (Elizabeth Deal) // All About Commodore BASIC abbreviations (Louis F. Sander) // How BASIC works (Mike Todd) // Messing with the stack (Garry G. Kiziak) // The Un-Token Twin's - a method to list programs from memory or disk (Richard Evers) // Merging BASIC programs (Glen Pearce) // An introduction to too...
Keywords: data; program; commodore; poke; basic; ida; print; transactor; routine; machine language; floating point; basic program; carry flag; source code; bank statement; search criteria; poke vie; checksum error; space bar
Downloads: 648
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 5 Issue 01
Transactor, Volume 5, Issue 1. SOUND AND GRAPHICS SPECIAL // The MANAGER Column (Don Bell) // Four Wordprocessors for the Commodore 64 - Easy Script, Paperclip 64, Script 64, Wordpro 3/plus 64 (George Shirinian) // The New Commodore Computer - review of 264 and 364 (Colin Thompson) // Subroutine Eliminators (Jeff Goebel) // A Quick Musical Tour // WAVES for the 64 - simulates the sound of waves breaking on the shore (Chris Zamara) // Programming Sound on the VIC 20 (Dave Gzik) // Sound Effects /...
Keywords: data; poke; commodore; program; screen; print; sprite; disk; machine language; print area; rem return; easy script; report generate; print areas; rem measure; quasi sprite; word processing; time signature
Downloads: 889
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 4 Issue 06
Transactor, Volume 4, Issue 6. January 1984. First Annual World Of Commodore show // Book review - megabucks from your microcomputer (Melissa Gibbons) // The MANAGAR Column - c64 gift list & Re-Field - version of Manager to run on 8000 series machines // Updating programs (Bob Drake ) // A Mid Strings Night Dream (Richard Evers) // The INPUT glitch (Bob Drake) // Subroutine Eliminators (Jeff Goebel) // Three GET subroutines (Richard Evers) // Master Menu Driver types 1 & 2 (Richard Evers) // Sub...
Keywords: data; program; commodore; disk; programs; software; print; transactor; rem measure; machine language; copy file; richard evers; error channel; master menu; poke sid; master control; word processor; press space
Downloads: 285
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 4 Issue 05
Transactor, Volume 4, Issue 5. October 1983. The MANAGER Column // CompuKinks // BASIC // Commands and statements // Arithmetic Operators // Special Symbols // Reserved Variables // Heirarchy of Operations // BASIC 4.0 disk commands // Additional B Series Commands // String Functions // Arithmetic Functions // Mathematical Functions // Status Variables ST, DS & DS$ // Secondary Address Table // Printer Control Characters // 8032 Screen Control Characters // Error Messages // Sprite Design // Pro...
Keywords: commodore; basic; data; screen; program; ihe; memory; poke; gnd; address bus; user port; memory map; implied implied; bam block; vic chip; screen map; screen basic; map jim; machine language
Downloads: 1,180
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 4 Issue 04
Transactor, Volume 4, Issue 4. July 1983. First Annual Toronto Computer Fair // The WordPro Book Of Tricks - history of the WordPro series (Donna Green) // Superkey-64 (Darren Spruyt) // Re-decoding the 8032 keyboard (Greg Beaumont) //Making Friends With Sid pt 3 (Paul Higginbottom) // Sound Help (Darren Spruyt) // Sprite Palette for the Commodore 64 (Paul Higgimnbottom) // Commodore 64 Graphics Utility (Brad Templeton) // Raster interrupts on the commodore 64 pt1: introduction and theory (Dave ...
Keywords: commodore; ihe; data; program; poke; goto; raster; print; wordpro; machine language; raster compare; raster beam; hard disk; word processor; features include; raster interrupts; interrupt routine; high order; current sprite
Downloads: 323
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 4 Issue 03
Transactor, Volume 4, Issue 3. April 1983. The WordPro Book Of Tricks (Donna Green) // The MANAGER Column : c64 version arrives (John Stoveken) // TPUG Library Naming Conventions (Mike Donegan) // Sweet Sixteen (Jim Butterfield) // VIC 20 Screen Centering (Peter J. Lear) // Catstrapolator - extrapolating information from your disk catalog // Making Friends With Sid pt 2 (Paul Higginbottom) // New Character sets on the Commodore 64 (Jim Butterfield) // Commodore 64 Programmable Character Editor (...
Keywords: program; commodore; ihe; data; disk; basic; poke; screen; pet; machine language; character set; machine code; sets sid; electronic transactions; basic program; tiny aid; sid register; personal electronic; data file
Downloads: 549
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 4 Issue 02
Transactor, Volume 4, Issue 2. January 1983. 1983 CES Las Vegas // The WordPro Book Of Tricks (Donna Green) // Toronto Bulletin Board Numbers // The MANAGER Column : database software (John Stoveken) // Jim Butterfield Centrefold // The four-poke screen marker (Jim Butterfield) // Determining Screen Size (Chris Siebenmann) // Computer Technology - report on the use of hardware and software activuies at the post- diploma level at Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology in Oakville Ontario...
Keywords: data; ihe; poke; commodore; program; command; screen; dala; cursor; cursor position; screen size; shift key; maximum volume; machine code; joystick port; source code; rem set; memory location; users group
Downloads: 396
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 4 Issue 01
Transactor, Volume 4, Issue 1. September 1982. The WordPro Book Of Tricks (Donna Green) // The MANAGER Column : database software (John Stoveken) // Disk Un-Assembler (Paul Higginbottom) // Universal String Thing (Jim Butterfield) // File Chain Tracer (Bill MacLean) // Translation Arrays // Filing It - how to input & output using devices (Jim Butterfield) // SuperPET Terminal Program (John Stoveken) // APL And The SuperPET (Eike Kaiser) // Tiny-Aid For VIC-20 (David A...
Keywords: program; commodore; perform; data; basic; print; file; string; machine language; serial port; machine code; string thing; start address; source code; print print; interrupt vector; error message; vic tiny
Downloads: 321
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 3 Issue 06
The Transactor, Volume 3, Issue 06. June 1982. Faster than a speeding Cathode Ray // Deriving Mathematical Functions // CB2 amplifier // SuperPET RS232 interface // Connecting VIC-20 to color monitors // Pretty Printing (Jim Butterfield) // Compiler Comments (Jim Butterfield) // BASIC labels re-revisited (Charles A. McCarthy) // 4022 Printer Notes // Turning the switch... Allow your PET - Using the BSR-X10 home automation system (Kevin Erler) // Machine Language Auto-locstion (Jim Butterfield) /...
Keywords: data; program; basic; pet; checksum; lda; block; command; commodore; data data; machine language; basic program; prg file; data block; user port; reset checksum; print checksum; pha lda; bsr system
Downloads: 244
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 3 Issue 05
The Transactor, Volume 3, Issue 05. March 1982. ON GOTO ELSE // PET/CBM EPROMS // ROM Switch & Utility Switch BASIC loader // BASIC plotter (Paul Higginbottom) // The Machine Language Monitor - and introduction // Features of the 6845 Video Controllor (Jim Holtom) // Getting usable video signals from 12" monitor PET/CBMS (Jim Law) // PRINT-AT routine (Jacques Lebrun) // The Print Mint (Jim Butterfield) // Programming Tips - Jumber Juggling, Variable Flip-Flop, Screen codes to ASCII, Abacus (Paul...
Keywords: poke; program; goto; print; data; basic; commodore; screen; machine language; data data; floppy backpack; steel street; irq vector; horizontal sync; disk drive; basic programs; vic trick
Downloads: 160
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 3 Issue 04
The Transactor, Volume 3, Issue 04. Jan 1982. Cassette Notes // Weekday Calculator // Steve Punter's BBS // Disk Uers' notes // CONCATenating programs // COLLECT DOS command // Keyword Abbreviations // Keyed Random Access for the PET/CBM (Glen Pearce) // ROM sockets (S. Donald) // 4032 program conversions (Joe Ferrari) // Half a dialogue - INPUTting & reading keys (Jim Butterfield) // Word Count 9 (David A...
Keywords: pet; ieee; data; program; poke; user; lda; input; device; user port; shift register; rem set; atn true; pet user; ieee bus; secondary address; basic program; machine language; input statement
Downloads: 307
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 3 Issue 03
The Transactor, Volume 3, Issue 03. October 1981. Copying 4040 to 8050 and vice versa // IEEE timeout defeat // Comal-80 is here! // Pacific Coast Computer Fair // CBM 8010 Auto-Answer circuit // Convert programs to WordPro (Paul Higginbottom) // Some observations on using CBM 8032 and DOS 2.0 (Sieg Dalu) // Jim Strassma's SUPERSORT // First Programming Steps (Jim Butterfield) //Screen Editing (Jim Butterfield) // review of SWARM-100 : Swap a ROM module for PET/CBM (David Hook) // Bulletin Board...
Keywords: program; file; disk; timeout; pet; basic; wordcheck; poke; programs; machine language; data data; users group; spell check; press return; phone number; dictionary files; check programs; carriage return; toronto pet
Downloads: 161
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 3 Issue 02
The Transactor, Volume 3, Issue 02. August 1981. Disabling the STOP key // Wordpro and the 40-8032 // CBM 8010 notes (Paul Higginbottom) // the 2nd International Commodore PET show (Paul Higginbottom) // Video Interface for the 40/80 column PET/CBMs (Ted Evers) // new DIAL-A-ROM models from Kobetek Systems // Joystick/Keyboard routine (David Hook) // What hardare do I have? (Jim Butterfield) // The fat 40 - a new generation 40 column PET (Jim Butterfield) // The SuperPET: a first look (Joseph P...
Keywords: commodore; rom; program; software; screen; cbm; poke; pet; programs; roms; video interface; variable blocks; wordprocessing packages; waterloo microbasic; software house; original rom; key pressed; flat ribbon; database product; communications software
Downloads: 148
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 3 Issue 01
The Transactor, Volume 3, Issue 01. May 1981. List of different PET BASIC versions // Microchess conversion // 8032 reset box // 8032 IRQ // PHS contest results // The BMB String Thing - Block Get & Instring // Machine code to DATA statements // PET BASIC label support revisited // The commodore 8010 modem (Gord Campbell) // spooling disk files to printers // POKE OPEN files // Some Commodore disk utilities // Cursor Coding // Tax Ontario 1980 // 202X Bar graph printer // Biocompatability progra...
Keywords: print; pet; data; basic; disk; program; lda; commodore; cursor; personal electronic; electronic transactions; data data; lda sta; reverse mode; machine language; rem set; iny lda; cassette buffer
Downloads: 198
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 2 Issue 12
The Transactor, Volume 2, Issue 12. February 1981. More On The NEC Spinwriter // Card Utility Listing // using labels in PET BASIC (J. Hoogstraat) // BASIC 4.0, DOS 2.0 and the relative record system // BASIC 2.0 to BASIC 4.0 conversion - 40 column (Paul Higginbottom) // DOS 2.0 commands from BASIC 2.0 // DOS bugs (Mark Clarge & Paul Higginbottom) // The PET NMI vector (Henry Troup), A few entry points - 1.0,2.0,4.0 ROMS (Jim Butterfield) // Fun with WAIT statements (Henry Troup) // 8032 control...
Keywords: basic; dos; command; disk; file; record; data; rel; lda; print; relative record; logical file; carriage return; rel rec; lda pha; rel file; pha lda; side sector; rel files; record size
Downloads: 148
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 2 Issue 11
The Transactor, Volume 2, Issue 11. December 1980. WordPro and the NEC Spinwriter // PET Music & Poor Man's D/A Converter // Computers at Waterloo // Text Editor (Jim Butterfield) // Commercial Salvaging of Information from 2040 Diskettes // High resolution graphics for the PET (Don White) // Card printing utility (D. Hook) // Simple 8010 Modem Programs (Jim Butterfield) // An Incomplete PET/CBM Bibliography.
Keywords: pet; poke; visible; program; memory; commodore; rom; graphics; data; visible memory; rom socket; control register; pet video; machine language; drawing cursor; high resolution; resolution graphics; enable control
Downloads: 157
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 2 Issue 10
The Transactor, Volume 2, Issue 10. September 1980. REMAINDER$ // BASIC 4.0 preliminary note // Controlling Garbage Collection (Henry Troup) // Software review: Eastern House Software Assembler macro packages - Graphics Drawing Compiler & PET Music and Sound Composer (Gord Campbell) // More On Screen PRINT (John McDonald) // True ASCII Output (Henry Troup) // PET 2040 Disk Buffer I/O routiner (W. Hoogstraat) // PET to Heathkit H14 Printer Serial Interface (Sheldon H...
Keywords: perform; data; string; input; sys; buffer; output; jsr; variable; data data; string variables; buffer pointer; string variable; disk buffer; carriage return; screen print; jsr evaexp; jsr chkcom; tape read
Downloads: 210
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 2 Issue 09
The Transactor, Volume 2, Issue 09. May 1980. LIST in Lower Case // PET Machine Language I/O // An Instring Utility // PET as an IEEE Logic Analyzer // COMPUTER PHILOSOPHY // Book Review: "PET and IEEE-488 bus" // BASIC program cross-referencing (Jim Butterfield) // Better Auto - Repeat // The UNWEDGE - a tape append and renumber program // RESTORE DATA Line Program (Paul Barnes) // Visible Music Monitor Review (W.T...
Keywords: program; data; pet; dfltfl; jsr; transactor; basic; lda; eeq; machine language; basic program; lower case; lda sta; ackerman digital; sta lda; visible music; upper case; pet user; music monitor
Downloads: 198
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 2 Issue 08
The Transactor, Volume 2, Issue 08. January 1980. Re-DIMensioning arrays // dynamic LOADing // Cursor Positioning // BASIC and the machine language monitor // TRANSACTOR - a philosophy // POP a RETURN and your stack will feel better // Disk Merge // MICRO-GO 9L: a review // Supermon 1.0 // RS-232C: an overview (W.T. Garbutt) // Program Plus: Saving machine language routines with BASIC programs (F. VanDuinen) // Formation of the Commodore Education Advisory Board // Disk Notes.
Keywords: program; data; pet; assembler; transactor; poke; basic; file; rom; machine language; file header; basic program; machine code; data terminal; assembler code; input subroutine; data statements; data set; serial data
Downloads: 185
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 2 Issue 07
The Transactor, Volume 2, Issue 07. December 1979. Block Get routine (Bill MacLean) // PET Memory Maps // index of Vol issues 1-6.
Keywords: dfltfl; byte; pet; addressing; msg; cvj; iii; transactor; idon; indexed; second byte; memory location; low order; high order; effective address; command group
Downloads: 155
[texts]The Transactor Magazine Volume 2 Issue 06
The Transactor, Volume 2, Issue 06. November 1979. Inside the 2040 disk drive (Jim Butterfield) // Printer Formatting // Bullet-proof INPUT // Screen I/O // Entry Points for original/upgrade ROM (Jim Butterfield) // Infinitely Long PET programs (Henry Troup) // PET DOS Support Program (R.J. Fairbairn) // Random Access File Indexing (Jim Hindson) // Indexing Programmes on Cassette (Michael Casey) // on-site use of a microcomputor for archeological fieldwork - East Karnak // Egypt (G.D...
Keywords: jsr; ldr; disk; goto; data; program; beq; pet; bne; ieee; dos support; support program; machine language; jsr clrchn; track zone; pet dos; output device; memory limit; basic memory; site data
Downloads: 196
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